Simple Minds - X5 - Boxset - (6CD) [FLAC] 2012-WRE [ICM369]

Type:Audio > FLAC
Size:2.28 GB
Uploaded:Apr 5th, 2012
Info Hash:76cda542919781be6ce7a91a92a91f8c069536ab
Simple Minds - X5 - Boxset - (6CD) [FLAC] 2012-WRE [ICM369] picture
Simple Minds - X5 - Boxset - (6CD) [FLAC] 2012-WRE [ICM369]

Artist : Simple Minds
Album : X5
Label : Virgin
Genre : Pop
Bitrate : 900 kbps avg
Source : CD
Playtime : 05:59:31 [2.27 GB]
Rls date : 2012-02-28
Store date : 2012-00-00
Encoder : FLAC 1.2.1

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great share :)

 xtrancexApr 5th, 2012

Corrupted files: 106-simple_minds-no_cure.flac 409-simple_minds-sweat_in_bullet_(extended_remix)_(bonus_track).flac

icemankApr 5th, 2012

Most odd i just checked both tracks and played 100% perfect :P

 ICM369Apr 25th, 2012

I too show the same files corrupted. They plan ok as FLAC but cannot convert to mp3: 106-simple_minds-no_cure.flac 409-simple_minds-sweat_in_bullet_(extended_remix)_(bonus_track).flac

YinyuekuangMay 20th, 2012

Thanks but I also got an error on those 2 tracks with xld on mac osx. When I used max I was able to convert the flac file but there is a skip in the songs. Anyone have a fix for those 2 tracks.

lunationSep 5th, 2012

A good copy of Sweat In Bullet (extended) can be had on the singles box set:[FLAC]

ChrisKnightOct 20th