America's War on Sex by Marty Klein

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How right wing fundamentalists in America who are Against Sexuality, influence American Government, and work to suppress and censor anything that supports Free Sexual Expression.

This Book is about America's War on Sex.

"There's a cultural agreement that privileges people's
discomfort if it's about sexuality. If you're uncomfortable
about blacks, you're a racist. If you're uncomfortable
about Jews, you're anti-Semitic. Uncomfortable about
sex? You're a civic leader. " - MARTY KLEIN

Table of Contents:

Acknowledgments ix

Foreword by Nadine Strossen X1

1. You're the Target: Why a War on Sex? 1

2. Battleground: Sex Education-Where Children Come Second 5

3. The Most Powerful "Minority" in the United States 25

4. Battleground: Reproductive Rights 29

5. The Sexual Disaster Industry 47

6. Battleground: Broadcast "Indecency" 51

7. Yes, They Really Said That 73 -s. Battleground: Adult Entertainment-
Feverish Dreams, Real Estate Nightmares 79

9. How They Do It: Ammunition in the War on Sex 95

10. Battleground: The Internet 103

11. America Does Not Guarantee Your Right to Be Comfortable:
The Lowest Common Erotic Denominator Project 121

12. Battleground: The War on "Pornography" 123

13. Extreme Religion and Public Policy 143

l4. Battleground: Sexual Privacy and Sexual Minorities-
Civil Rights or Immoral Privileges? 155

15. Revolutionizing American Government-
Bad News for Democracy 173

Appendix: Declaration for Human Rights Day-
How about Sex? 177

Afterword by judy Kuriansky, Series Editor 179

Notes 181

Selected Bibliography 199

About the Author 201 ...

Index 203