The Price of Milk (2000) Sinclair

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The Price of Milk (2000) Harry Sinclair

A pastoral fantasy involving a magic quilt, an agoraphobic dog, and 117 cows.

This lovely and utterly unique film is truly a cinematic fairy tale,
with not only the sweetness of fairy tales but their strange and malicious
side as well. Lucinda (Danielle Cormack, Topless Women Talk About Their Lives)
fears that the spark has gone out of her romance with Rob (Karl Urban,
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers), a dairy farmer in lush New Zealand.
A treacherous friend advises Lucinda to test her beloved's love, but the tests
lead to the loss of their cows and possibly all hope for true love.
The Price of Milk abounds with surreal touches (like an agoraphobic dog
who wears a cardboard box and a family of magical golfing Maori) and events
that may not make rational sense, but are absolutely perfect nonetheless.
A wonderful film with an adorable cast. --Bret Fetzer (Amazon)


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 wootle01Apr 9th, 2012

Thx for the UL. First time I saw this it was described as "The Princess Bride on acid". It fits...

erebus009Jun 24th, 2013