Dead Island Modded Xbox 360 ISO

Type:Games > XBOX360
Size:7.3 GB
Uploaded:Apr 9th, 2012
Info Hash:f26792f288ea60dae9efb8c30f63c4a98fe3c22a
This ISO Has Been Run Through ABGX360, But you will need to do it too to create the .dvd file.

NOTE:The Game CRC Will not match because the game has been modded, and the splitvid still needs to be checked


Can you please fill us in on whats modded. Thanks.

unholychildApr 10th, 2012

OK. Punch+Kick 1 hit kill. Can give any weapon, optional god mode, infinite ammo in all guns, give money+ health+healthpacks. Change character, lvl, point in story progress, the usual stuff

HorseCrapCoffeeApr 12th, 2012

Sorry about the lack of seeds guys im seedin at 80kb/s and uploaded 8GB, but still 1 seed!WTF?

HorseCrapCoffeeApr 14th, 2012


komakidApr 16th, 2012

........uploaded 28,6 GB.........wanna try this for gods sake.......

komakidApr 16th, 2012

40Gigs of atm Crapdata, have to cut ul speeds...sorry

komakidApr 18th, 2012

99,3% Nice seeding... :s

neuspulkjeApr 19th, 2012

The only seeder/uploader has been offline for over a week, what a waste of time, why bother if you can't seed it to at least 1 person

JtagFunApr 20th, 2012

Had a problem with seeding but seeding again now guys!Hooray!!!

HorseCrapCoffeeApr 20th, 2012


Vaders--Apr 21st, 2012

Guys, just download the other one, its the same. I will upload this again and hopefully more seeds. And to all you haters, FUCK YOU!!!!

HorseCrapCoffeeApr 21st, 2012

scratch that, SEEDING IS WORKING!!!!!! BOOYAH!!!

HorseCrapCoffeeApr 21st, 2012

12 Hours. 20 Seeds. I Am A 12 Year Old Genius

HorseCrapCoffeeApr 21st, 2012

this is not working for me mate burnt is twice any ideas pal

rizzo777Apr 25th, 2012

If you are not using IMGburn, use it. You need DVD+(Has to be +)R-DL discs, preferablt verbatim. And if you aren't, run it through abgx360, create the IMG file, and burn that with IMGburn at 2.4 or 3x speed (preferably 2.4). Other than that, sorry mate, your on your own. It worked for me. Plz get back to me with results and i will try to fix it if dosen't work

HorseCrapCoffeeApr 26th, 2012

nice one mate got it sorted its working fine i was burning with xbox backup burnt with imgburn and it works fine great work by the way pal good stuff cheers

rizzo777Apr 27th, 2012

just curious, l have downloaded and burned this title how do l access the modded parts of this game.. is there a set of key presses or a menu or something?

AurkenaApr 30th, 2012

its in the pause menu mate

rizzo777Apr 30th, 2012

Rizzo-Correct! You Have Won A new Torrent For Your Team! Post A Comment And Tell Me What You Want. Movies, Games, Music... Just NOT Porn

HorseCrapCoffeeMay 1st, 2012

Ok I just burned this game for the mods, I have LT 3.0, I can't for the life of me find the mods. There not in the pause menu, It's just a regular copy of Dead Island. So I have two now, waste of a disk.

civicboy420May 25th, 2012

Civicboy420-No there's a menu in the game menu at the bottom, called developers menu or something like that. Just explore it yourself and you will find out how to use it, it takes too long to explain everything. Just type 'dead island mods menu' into youtube

HorseCrapCoffeeMay 26th, 2012

Thanks HorseCrapCoffee, I found the menu, The problem was I had had to copy my original save to usb then delete original off hard drive. The Development menu is the shit!! FN one punch kills and God Mode!! Thanks for the upload and I take back my last comment about the wasted disk. Thanks Man :)

civicboy420May 27th, 2012