TEL-EVIL-SION: Reptilian Shapeshifters Exposed:The Most Importan

Uploaded:Apr 12th, 2012
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TEL-EVIL-SION : The Most Important Documentary Series You'll Ever See

Reptilian Shapeshifters are amongst us. Everything you will see in this series is key to understanding how mankind has been deceived by entities that exist beyond
our five senses. They could be your neighbors, your teachers, police or pastors. They ARE real and they are seizing power right now.
We need to put aside any notions of racial conflict, class warfare and focus on the real enemies, whom are hidden amongst us, usually in positions of power,
often not, but with the information relayed in these videos, you will be able to identify them through the colors they wear, and the dirty habits they promote.

This series has been uploaded and separated into 33 parts, which are vital to understanding how deep we are in it. It's beyond politics, beyond Aliens, beyond the New World Order.

I am the Creator of this series. You may ask how I know about this. The answer is in the question. I've been jailed, beaten and jailed again to bring you this information.

This is Real, this is the threat we face. Don't judge until you've seen the series, and please seed, the world needs this information now more than ever. I will be seeding this series all Summer long..Please spread the word, all of this was done for free, and is given for free...Do what you will with the information, as long as it gets out to the people. Thank you.


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TELEVILApr 13th, 2012

search for the video series on youtube if you like One thing I should explain...these beings attach to people via the spinal cords, in the sense that they can overshadow (possess) people that are compatible to their darkness, so when you hear stories of people committing evil crimes and have no recollection of them whatsoever, you can be sure they've been overshadowed.. The goal is to degrade humans to the level of mere beast. Can you see how the media is aiding and abetting that?

TELEVILApr 13th, 2012

What they do, is overshadow people through their spinal cords. That's why society has become a pack of demons. The media has helped turn society into hosts for these beings, by lowering their vibration to that of mere beast, hence making them much easier to possess.

TELEVILApr 13th, 2012

Hello and thanx for uploading but, there is no seeders here. Pls seed? I have a one question that bothers me for years and i will love to hear answer from you pls: What happened behind a camera while they shapeshift? Do anybody see that? Is that visible or only visible by camera?

TaleMunjaJul 20th, 2012

Seeders pls, i need you. I'm stucked on 78.5% PLEASE SEED

TaleMunjaJul 22nd, 2012

For all you who desperately need this documentary let me know-here it is(good seeding!):

TaleMunjaAug 22nd, 2012