a Nuke

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Uploaded:Apr 15th, 2012
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Download, print using the 3D printer, and then nuke your friends or your neighbors.


Great torrent thanks, can't wait to use against an oppressive government, or a Justin Bieber concert

TakSlakMay 8th, 2012

So far the Physibles section is a joke.

sensuality123May 9th, 2012

so far it may be a joke however there are some gems in here and it is the first hint of what is to come. It is a great section for things in the future. I am working on a CAD model of a $10 aluminum part for my Schwinn bike that they stopped making 10 years ago, if it helps one other person get their $900 Schwinn Moab running again, then its helped. The nuke will help me take out my boss, that also helps... haha

Sublime865May 13th, 2012

Lol the physibles category is great for some laughs

condescendingJun 24th, 2012

the physibles section is a joke. The automobile was scoffed at as a fad. The notion of a home computer was crazy talk, and 100 years ago if you'd even tried to explain the internet you'd have been called a crazy person. Remember that 100 years ago, there was no TV. Hell the first radio factory was just being built by Marconi. Considering we have both the precedent for the invention of such a device at the consumer level, and already have seen leaps and bounds in Inudstrial applications in the last decade, anyone that thinks this tech is far fetched in the slightest is moronic.

z41g0Feb 24th, 2013

Aye, if you tried to explain to someone in the 1600s that you could send someone a message nowdays before he could saddle his horse he'd have either thought you crazy or drunk, yet here we are.

.235.Oct 12th, 2013