Dorothy Dunnett Ebook Collection (Bookeek)

Uploaded:Apr 22nd, 2012
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Lymond Chronicles

1. The Game of Kings (1961)
2. Queen's Play (1964)
3. The Disorderly Knights (1966)
4. Pawn in Frankincense (1969)
5. The Ringed Castle (1971)
6. Checkmate (1975)

House of Niccolo
1. Niccolo Rising (1986)
2. The Spring of the Ram (1987)
3. Race of Scorpions (1989)
4. Scales of Gold (1991)
5. The Unicorn Hunt (1993)
6. To Lie with Lions (1995)
7. Caprice and Rondo (1997)
8. Gemini (2000)

King Hereafter (1976)


I've come to the realization that my list of requests have are already been filled by karaokeking123. I'm assuming and it's very likely that the same person requested books from both of us. I have no problem with that. KK Rocks! However, I do not want to duplicate posts - so unless otherwise informed, if I come across a KK posting I will assume your request has been filled. cheers

BookeekApr 22nd, 2012

Hello. I think the reason this is happening is that people ask for books hoping that one of you will be able to help. I admit to being guilty of it once or twice. Thank you very much for this upload. I have asked KK for this before but that was a while ago and nothing came of it. Could you try and find the books by Nora Lofts and John Dickson Carr for me? Many thanks for this upload and the several requests that you have been able to fill for me. Regards. Zoe

zoebanksApr 22nd, 2012

NO worries. Norah Lofts is unavailable at this time However, I'll put John Dickson Carr on my list. I'm currently working on Cornwell, Greg Iles and Gregg Hurwitz. - but you will be right after

BookeekApr 22nd, 2012

Thank you for any help you can give and for the quick reply. Regards. Zoe

zoebanksApr 22nd, 2012