Magix Music Maker MX 18 0 1 11 Patch

Type:Applications > Windows
Size:697.3 KB
Uploaded:Apr 23rd, 2012
Info Hash:57e265e545bc2f7c80943b5868b223d4de176935
Magix Music Maker MX 18 0 1 11 Patch picture
This is a virus free crack/patch for the Magix Music Maker Production Suit for version v18.0.1.11.Cracked-MESMERiZE.

Make sure Magix is closed down and then run the crack.

Point the crack to the Magix application file EXE in the Magix directory and then patch it.

This will turn it into the full version.

I hope you like this torrent.


the Yuru Yuri bit at the end after I closed the Patch made me Lul. However. I now get a window that says "Please enter the session number that was given to you. you will appear in the session under the name:" and I have no clue what the Session number should be.....

aeriamApr 30th, 2012

NEVERMIND! I was being an idiot. It works now. downloads are running. Starts fine. Patch works great. Now I'm off to make music and re-watch Yuru Yuri XD

aeriamApr 30th, 2012

Glad that you like the patch.

madmaxdeadlyMay 1st, 2012

Can't download soundpools and sound package :/

MalenEstMay 6th, 2012

I cant download the content packages!...? It keeps telling me i need to unlock the full version of magix

mtl18May 10th, 2012

Thanks buddy!! Been trying my damndest for this action...

bigchuckerMay 15th, 2012

i donwloaded the extra sounds but it says when i installing it that i need the full version?

JeeWee04May 15th, 2012

Just to let you know, that as this Magix Software is cracked, you cannot download the packages. Magix servers check to see if it is real or not. You can however download soundpools using this site.

madmaxdeadlyMay 22nd, 2012

Thank you madmaxdeadly, worked just fine.

pattyo41Jul 22nd, 2012

if i have to chose a patch folder he wants that i open any program to patch, in the documents is nothing in and the magix music maker exe. doesnt works "crc dont match"

levensevenAug 26th, 2012

please answer fast

levensevenAug 26th, 2012

So far works amazingly well... Thanks a bunch for this. Yous a godsend or whatever.. But thanks

tatkidnikSep 9th, 2012

how do you run patch??? to what? program files? help please

avariciouz1Dec 6th, 2012

how do you run patch??? to what? program files? help please...

avariciouz1Dec 6th, 2012