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Vintage Trouble

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Ty Taylor
Nalle Colt
Rick Barrio Dill
Richard Danielson

Vintage Trouble (sometimes abbreviated as VT) is an American soul and rock band. The band formed in Hollywood, California in 2010.[1]


Ty Taylor (vocal) and Nalle Colt (guitar) formed the band after setting up a basic home studio in Venice Beach, and invited their mutual friend Rick Barrio Dill to play bass guitar for the band, then recruited Richard Danielson on drums.
The band then began creating material in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles. Within two weeks of rehearsals in early 2010, the group began playing local area shows and late night speakeasies. Aiming to use mid-century soul music and recording techniques, the band used a three-day recording session with full takes to turn out 12 new songs two months into the project. Their singles like '"Gracefully", "Nancy Lee", "Still & Always Will" and "Blues Hand Me Down" aimed to produce a sound reminiscent of the days of vinyl records, juke joints, and the essence of the original soul movement. The album was produced by Rogers Masson.