Phaeleh - Discography

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Uploaded:Apr 24th, 2012
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This upload contains all EPs and albums by Phaeleh. Also containts the mixtape Afterglo 0.01

Phaeleh – pronounced “Fella”.
In 2006, classically trained musician and electronic sound scientist Matt Preston was swept up in the wake of the Dubstep phenomenon. His diverse influences resulted in an equally diverse musical output, ranging from the euphoric heights of Nordic electronica through cinematic breakbeat to the depth charges of Dubstep. Phaeleh’s unique sound has garnered support from the scene’s leading artists, including Skream, N-Type, Scuba, Distance, Kryptic Minds, Oris Jay, RSD and Jakes to name but a few...



PS: Bitrate of this upload is V0


Me gusta! But no seeds ;( can you maybe upload Blackmill`s songs too?

SelfPotatoApr 24th, 2012

@SelfPotato It took some time for the tracker to get scraped, I was seeding it all along though...

 vAin4usApr 24th, 2012

Sweet, thanks so much!

CovenxJun 28th, 2012

Anyone that's downloaded this: is it all 320kbps or lower than that? Thanks!

SkoiSiriusJul 17th, 2012

Finally saw it in the comments of the Torrent. Wishing I could find "The Cold In You" in FLAC!

SkoiSiriusJul 27th, 2012