Call of duty modern warfare 3 multilayer (SKRILL69)

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
Info Hash:6c16f88bac9440b3ec5288c9e39bd8888dc4e238
Just install and play online/LAN/CO-OP/single player :)


thanks man great job, but i really want to create classes, how can i do that online?

LiquidstonesMay 1st, 2012

when you get into the LAN/multiplayer mode then click on 'play' it will connect to online servers and then you can create classes for online :)

SKRILL69May 4th, 2012

Ehhm, could you plz plz seed, ETA infinite ^^

herpderp_May 13th, 2012

LoL okay i will for a while :)

SKRILL69May 14th, 2012

Seed pliz.

sniker86May 19th, 2012

seed :)

PDarkMay 22nd, 2012

thans you are awesome!!!

boogeyman269May 24th, 2012

plz plz plz MR.SKRILL69 plz seeeeed

abusoosMay 26th, 2012

LoL okay i will seed for the hole day and night :)

SKRILL69May 26th, 2012

come on buddies seed!!!

boogeyman269May 26th, 2012

pls man seed more, im stuck on 45% for 3 days :S

MrdenssonMay 28th, 2012

i seeded the hole weekend but i will seed most nights this week for you guys :) and when your done downloading seeed tO!

SKRILL69May 28th, 2012

ok man, i will seed for the whole month when i'm finished ;)

MrdenssonMay 29th, 2012

So you guys been playing online?? ive noticed alot more noobs lately :P Just joking

SKRILL69Jun 5th, 2012

Wow, this is the only online crack that i know of for MW3! Good job man :D

pers0nJul 25th, 2012