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Fix AUdio Problem people were having

Ps3/Xbox Ready


Thanks a lot! Great download speed as well!

Za78sApr 29th, 2012

Thanks man, will you upload in 1080p? Because then I will wait for that.

themaster7250Apr 29th, 2012

what about 1080p

gkkfallsApr 29th, 2012

no 1080p this week

 Daman4IifeApr 29th, 2012

Thanks, A : 10 V : 10

TuharaxApr 29th, 2012

is there 480p version?

t0ti24Apr 30th, 2012

okay mang your legend of korra torrents are the bomb AMAZING QUALITY!! xD and thanks!!!

perseaMay 1st, 2012

Great Show! Here is a bit of an info on the upcoming episode 5! Hope that you will like it.

VokameMay 3rd, 2012

Search for Anime Deed

VokameMay 3rd, 2012

thanks for fixing audio problem!!! will be downloading every week!! keep it up

mattnoble6May 3rd, 2012

Thanks! :D

joezanzoonMay 3rd, 2012

why would anyone want a 480p one? this is already a great file size

kaosturtleMay 4th, 2012

Beautiful thanks! Been meaning to check this out. Downloading all 4 of your episodes :P

suprgamr232May 5th, 2012

I should download ? this or http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/7224997/Avatar__The_Legend_of_Korra_Episode_04_%28720p%29

dormidosanMay 6th, 2012

amazing quality and audio! thanks

trevorr71May 6th, 2012

You rock!! Thanks so much for these.

BahiyyaMay 22nd, 2012

First off I would like to thank you for uploading these in great quality, you rock. I would like to know however, if you will be uploading the other episodes. I'm dieing to see them, and much to my surprise there isn't anyone else out there uploading these. Boggles the mind really.

RockLeezyMay 26th, 2012

@RockLeezy Hey! Just to let you know (even though it's been almost a month now) the other episodes are titled under just "Legend of Korra". Hope this helps ya and probably a lot of others.

megamanzxaJun 16th, 2012

Video: 10/10 Audio: 7/10(Just a tad weird, perfectly ok though) *Highly recommended for people going to watch the whole series get from this uploader.

onueraoOct 14th, 2012

Is this book 3? book 3 has 3 episodes that were on here but for some reason are now gone, if anyone knows where to get episodes 4 and 5 can they comment

Freebie86Jul 17th, 2014