Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection Multilanguage MAC OSX

Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
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Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection Multilanguage MAC OSX.

• Download any Adobe CS6 trial
• Install as trial while disconnected from the net (or block outgoing connections)
• Do not enter an Adobe ID > Select 'Connect later'
• Once installed, replace (keep a copy of the original just in case) amtlib.framework in with [k'ed] one.
• Repeat for any other applications from the suite you have installed.
• Block outgoing connections.



Fake Do not waist your time.

Mtek2012May 2nd, 2012

Not a Fake i m using it right now :)

phenix88beMay 3rd, 2012

So is it fake or not?

jkjk0001May 3rd, 2012

Not fake. Using now.

aldo45May 3rd, 2012

fake or not?

dackdelMay 3rd, 2012

It works for the most part, unless you deal with Camera Raw and probably there are other issues.

BradMacProMay 3rd, 2012

Look, this isn't even released yet. Grow up guys and be patient. What's the point of PS without RAW? OK, we all know Adobe is overpriced, bloated and totally incompatible with Macs. And we all know that apart from PS and AI it's utter crap. InDesign has nothing on QXP. I'm sticking with CS5 until the 'real' thing is available. Even then, Adobe hasn't got its head around 64-bit yet. Doubt if it will with CS6. Look at the Flash fiasco. Not Mac-friendly software.

 NoggintheNomadMay 3rd, 2012

Well it s true, not released, but its not the first time we have a software before the release. I like this CS :)

phenix88beMay 4th, 2012

I have now finished this download. Prior to installation, I have a question: Why is it necessary to replace "amtlib.framework" even after you alter the host file?

nunztorrentMay 5th, 2012

Because it s a trial version ;)

phenix88beMay 5th, 2012

Best Adobe Rant(tm) goes to @NoggintheNomad, I could actually picture your mouth frothing while getting your hate on. What are the options though? GiMP or Inkscape? I'd rather put my nuts through a rusty cheese grater than use GiMP (inkscape is ok, now that the x11 constraint has been dropped).

tubeampMay 5th, 2012

Installation is complete and the [k] works beautifully. So far, I have used Acrobat Pro X, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop Extended. And, they all work as expected. I am very happy.

nunztorrentMay 6th, 2012

Works fine, thanks a lot! But i have a problem with indesign. I can't install folio builder, overlay creator and adobe content viewr for the digital publishing suite. Installing the DPS Desktop Tools (InDesign CS6) In InDesign, choose Help > Updates, and update DPS Desktop Tools. The DPS Desktop Tools installer installs the Folio Overlays panel, the Folio Builder panel, a required InDesign plugin, and the Desktop Viewer. somebody knows the solution for this? Thanks!!

verne1964May 7th, 2012


acesandeightsMay 9th, 2012

More indepth patch

acesandeightsMay 11th, 2012

With the risk of sounding like a dumbass, was there an option to install the English version which I somehow missed? And if not, will I have to live with the French menus for the rest of my days? I hate that language. I speak it, yes, but by God, I also hate it with a passion.

hllw2010Jun 6th, 2012

Update: Bridge allows you to change it in-app, Photoshop is kinda easy, u just rename tw10428.dat to tw10428.bak or just delete it from the Locales folder. Still working on the others. Will let you know...

hllw2010Jun 6th, 2012

Do I install the MasterCollection dmg first? Or do I install the trial version first? Thanks...

jonjon831Jun 20th, 2012

Sorry, but I am new to the torrent world and I need clarification. I just downloaded this Adobe Creative 6 torrent but don't know how to install it successfully. What does this all mean? "Once installed, replace (keep a copy of the original just in case) amtlib.framework in with [k'ed] one." What is "amtlib.framework"? Where do I find it on Mac OS Lion? And what is "[k'ed] one" mean? Just in clear plain English would help.

paulofaintMar 31st, 2014


Shotglass75Oct 6th