Mista Grimm - Things Are Looking Grimm (1995, South Central, CA)

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Mista Grimm-Things Are Looking Grimm(1995)

Track Listing
01. What The Hell Is A Incrow?
02. I've Had Enough
03. Mighty Brimm
04. Cold Day In Hell
05. Super Bones
06. Steady Dippen
07. Poetry In Motion
08. Hostyle
09. The Danger Of Pork
10. Da Whole 9
11. Nuttins Changed
12. Pon De Riddum
13. A.S.A.P. (A Smooth-Ass Poet)
14. Jesse Jackum
15. Indo Smoke - (party mix)
16. Can I Phuck On Your Blanket?

Enjoy, this album is out of print so great to spread this artists music around.
Indo smoke is the music playing at the beginning of Snoop Dogg's "Murder was the case" from doggystyle album.