State-Sponsored Terrorism, Crimes, and Lies - Collection 6

Uploaded:May 5th, 2012
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State-Sponsored Terrorism, Crimes, and Lies - Collection 6:

33 titles are included here:

- Applebaum - Gulag; a History (2003)

- Bardach & Gleeson – Surviving Freedom After the Gulag (2003)

- Bonin - Arrows of the Night; Ahmed Chalabi’s Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq (2011)

- Chomsky - The Culture of Terrorism (1989)

- Chomsky - Understanding Power; the Indispensable Chomsky (2002)

- Coll - Ghost Wars; the Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001 (2004)

- Elkins - Imperial Reckoning; the Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya (2004)

- Engelhardt - The United States of Fear (2011)

- Fletcher - The Guantanamo Effect; Exposing the Consequences of U.S. Detention and Interrogation Practices (2009)

- Forsythe - The Politics of Prisoner Abuse; the United States and Enemy Prisoners after 911 (2011)

- Gerteiny - The Terrorist Conjunction; the United States, Israel, the Palestinians, and Al-Qaida (2007)

- Getty & Naumov - The Road to Terror; Stalin and the Self-Destruction of the Bolsheviks, 1932-1939 (1999)

- Gregory - Terror By Quota; State Security from Lenin to Stalin (2009)

- Harmer - Allende’s Chile & the Inter-American Cold War (2011)

- Haynes & Husan - A Century of State Murder; Death and Policy in Twentieth-Century Russia (2003)

- Hodges - The “War on Terror” Narrative (2011)

- Holtzman & Cooper - Cheating Justice; How Bush and Cheney Attacked the Rule of Law, Plotted to Avoid Prosecution (2012)

- Hood - The Blame Game; Spin, Bureaucracy, and Self-Preservation in Government (2011)

- Howell - What Did We Do to Deserve This; Palestinian Life under Occupation in the West Bank (2007)

- Huffman & Rejebian - We’re with Nobody; Two Insiders Reveal the Dark Side of American Politics (2012)

- Hughes-Wilson - Military Intelligence Blunders (1999)

- LeVine - Putin’s Labyrinth; Spies, Murder, and the Dark Heart of the New Russia (2008)

- Machon - Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers; MI5, MI6 and the Shayler Affair (2005)

- Manning - Historical Dictionary of American Propaganda (2004)

- Mearsheimer - The Tragedy of Great Power Politics (2001)

- Prouty - The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy (2009)

- Ramo - The Age of the Unthinkable; Why the New Global Order Constantly Suppress Us and What to Do about IT (2009)

- Schlesing & Kinzer - Bitter Fruit; the Untold Story of the American Coup in Guatemala (1999)

- Scott - American War Machine; Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection, and the Road to Afghanistan (2010)

- Shiekh - Detained without Cause; Muslims’ Stories of Detention and Deportation in America after 9-11 (2011)

- Smith - The Politics of Deceit; Saving Freedom and Democracy from Extinction (2004)

- Unger - The Emergency State; America’s Pursuit of Absolute National Security at All Costs (2012)

- Wallace & Melton - Spycraft; the Secret History of the CIA’s Spytechs from Communism to Al-Qaeda (2008)


The manifestos of the profoundly disturbed and the acutely paranoid.

wonderwangMay 6th, 2012

I would not call Chomsky acutely paranoid. These books are actually a good read for those who do not believe the propaganda of lobby-driven governments, and their media supporters. I'm not saying that you do have to believe what these books tell you but at least you'll have an account of these things from a different perspective.

ImSoJadedMay 6th, 2012

After more than 2 decades contracting in the government....I've seen enough to dispel the conspiracy theory wackos, enough to not believe what the government says automatically... and know how often the main stream media lies to the public. Basically all of them have their own agendas to push what THEY want to believe on others....and rarely is any of it in line with reality. Basically I believe what I actually see myself....and anything that filters through others I take with a healthy dose of salt.

wonderwangMay 6th, 2012

oh, so a gov worker saying this, lmao ok...

ital34Jul 14th, 2012

A good many very important, and some hard to find, books in this collection. Many thanks!

dixiegrlSep 14th, 2012