Windows XP Home Edition SP3 + All Intel & AMD SATA drivers +

Uploaded:May 7th, 2012
Info Hash:9f65f285eb317e82d17fcb8cc75a08b7dbc6b56c
This is a Windows XP Home Edition SP3 with all SATA drivers ! You can use this copy to downgrade your Windows 7 or Windows Vista machine without problems with SATA drivers.

This is a CLEAN copy of Retail version of Windows XP Home Edition with SP3.

NOTHINGS CHANGED OR INTEGRATED, besides the Intel and AMD SATA drivers !

The cracking instructions are included. Please follow instrutions very carefully to sucessfully crack it !




crazymadcatMay 7th, 2012

It is ;) !

march078May 7th, 2012

Can this be made into a live cd and if so how? I currently have a couple of win xp live cds but I have come to find out they are lacking driver packs and will not boot from my win 7 machine.TIA

press2012May 7th, 2012

Thank you, looking forward to putting it on a partition.

asdf672001May 7th, 2012

As far as i know, there is no such thing as Live Windows CD and if there is, then this is defenetly not it. As I wrote it description, this is a clean version of a Windows XP Home Edition SP3, only with integrated AMD and Intel SATA drivers. That means it SHOULD run on your Windows 7 or Vista machine ! You just have to burn the image file (.iso) into CD/DVD as an image, boot it and install like any other Windows version.

march078May 11th, 2012

just english?

TutoAzulMay 27th, 2012

Yes, this is English version, but I'm sure there's language packs out there for Windows XP. You just need to search.

march078May 27th, 2012

AVG flagged this torrent as containing Win32/DH{AAY} in WGA.exe.

birmasJun 3rd, 2012

Needed a product key when i did it. Must have done it wrong? Anyways for anyone else who's in my boat here is the key that worked for me: C6QQT-DYQ7H-HG39T-H47FX-Q3JD2

IamEricforLifeJun 5th, 2012

where can i get cd key?????? march078 kura vieta ir tas cd key???

melbergs56Jul 2nd, 2012

Why would someone do this and use HOME edition? Unusable for my purposes, guess I'll be firing up nlite.

indigit4lAug 5th, 2012

I need XPsp3 with Sata_Intel_7.5.0.1017_Vistax86, does this CD have this sata, cause I have problem bootin my ACER aspire 5310 with XP

guerilOct 1st, 2012

I hate to nag the uploader, since this is already so great, but it would be so amazingly awesome if you could make one with all the Intel, AMD, AND nVidia SATA AND RAID drivers, and absolutely nothing else changed. I have attempted this, but apparently you are more talented than I, as one of mine complained of missing files, and the other gave me a BSOD. Any assistance you could provide would be amazing. I would need both Home and Pro to really make my life awesome. I'm sure that to someone who is more familiar with nLite than I, this is easy stuff, but I haven't yet gotten it to work. This would be the most AWESOME XP installer ever, and it could be you that makes it!

notapirateOct 21st, 2012

Sorry to be a bother about the 3x SATA otherwise untouched idea....I finally was able to make my own. Maybe I will upload it!

notapirateOct 25th, 2012