app folder and widget for hidden files

Uploaded:May 18th, 2012
Info Hash:8a5f7992fa781108c10e33301ac12feb915b68a4
Ok. So here is the Application Support folder from my User Account.. this might work in order to get the game going..

I included a dashboard widget for showing and hiding hidden files on your mac (since the Library folder in your User Account is invisible)
and instructions on where to exactly copy the folder..

I cannot confirm that this will work.. I only have this machine and I have the game already running..

I tried this game on my Mountain Lion Beta install (I downloaded it on Lion though)
to be sure that it works.. But the Beta install is not connected to the internet nor to the AppStore with any ID.. so that might be working as well..

If it doesn't work, then I am very sorry for wasting your time, but also my time has been wasted..

Be patient as I might come up with a working crack, once I get on a different mac to do some testing


Are you seeding omapapa?

trublazeMay 18th, 2012

Yes I am

OmapapaMay 18th, 2012

might need to restart the client..

OmapapaMay 18th, 2012

there we go

trublazeMay 18th, 2012

let me know if this works or not.. and like I said, once I have access to another mac I will try to get a crack going if it doesn't work (I will have access and time this weekend for sure)

OmapapaMay 18th, 2012

yeah no luck here :(

trublazeMay 18th, 2012

Well this of course sucks monkey balls.. patience! I will hopefully get it to work over the weekend and upload a crack once I can confirm that it works

OmapapaMay 18th, 2012

this reaaally sucks i was looking forward to this game.....

jaynic88May 18th, 2012

Derp: chflags nohidden ~/Library

evaricMay 21st, 2012