Skyrim Animated Prostitution

Uploaded:Jun 4th, 2012
Info Hash:2acea6954d177c29d1568c857ec8dfab6129b80b
I know many of you are tired of JoshNZ putting up new versions of files that just do not work with your system or the order of which they work does not work.Or they just crash you to desktop.Well here are the older versions.

You cannot tell him i put these up here.Reason why is i just like him.Don't like bitching.I have the older versions an if he finds this he may claim to remove them.But well.That ant happening.




Thank you guys for seeding this because i have issues with viruses that other peoples systems have so i constantly have to clear out my %Temp% to avoid damage. I hope it is working for you. Considering no ones saying anything.

Warsun99Jun 5th, 2012

I don't understand why u uploaded this and why anyone would dl it.

EpockisJun 6th, 2012

Well Epockis if you were on the Nexus an you were doing tech support for a guy who is very stubborn you would understand.The guy who created these will constantly remove the mod from his page.Which as you can see each of them are completely different. The one that does not work.I end up doing tech support trying to help people get it running.Then instead of leaving the old version there.He completely removes the older version an puts up a new one that is hardly functional an crashes your system OR actually works.Then he takes THAT one down too! Which is a pain in the butt.This is not actual porn.This is a mod to get your characters to preform sex acts.

Warsun99Jun 6th, 2012

If some of you are new here is the page you have to read to get this working correctly. NOTE: Read ALL of it.Don't skip some things.The Comments are very useful.But you may need a account with them. This is from the Skyrim Nexus.Found here. Once here you can download the latest versions. Now here is where the confusion kicks in. Some of them are stand alone.The others only the female works an on others only the males work.All versions still require these files to put UNDER what you are installing an some of the other versions Cherry has to be installed over one of the others.Like i said confusing. 1.Skyrim Patch 1.4 2.CHSBHC - BBP - Nude and Jiggly Mod by CherryHotaling For Female body. 3.Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles by Chris57 and FavoredSoul For Males Now when doing this some of them require you to wear the amulet of Debella an the others do not.Again.i do not know which ones. Enjoy

Warsun99Jun 7th, 2012

Sorry for people who do not know where to get the patch.

Warsun99Jun 7th, 2012

I forgot that one of the newer ones like 1.7 or 1.8 requires the Script animation program. From Joshs Skyrim Behavior File Patcher or Fores New Idles in Skyrim Check them out on Skyrim Nexus or just go to the offical page for more info.

Warsun99Jun 7th, 2012

So far tested 1.7 seems to be the best working version.

Warsun99Jul 4th, 2012

which specific version uses the FNIS behavior mod? 1.5 ?

jacksparroww010Jul 5th, 2012

thank you

Salahal_DinAyoubAug 4th, 2012

Sorry it took me so long to reply but.The one you need to download is (FNIS Behavior Files V3_2 Beta -- ALWAYS necessary) .The reason i have no posted is because one of the latest versions seems to work really well so there is no need to download this anymore.BUT! Just in case there is a problem.

Warsun99Sep 28th, 2012

So its prostitution mod right? Where i can find prostitutes? Or sex with your wife is prostitution?

vragoslavJan 5th, 2013