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The Cannabis Collection - a series of educative and entertaining info dvd's

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Marijuana Gold Rush - National Geographic

California is the focus of Marijuana Gold Rush, NatGeo's fourth pot doc in recent years. The two main storylines are WeGrow and Harborside Health Center, the former a cultivation superstore in Oakland, the latter the self-proclaimed "largest retailer of cannabis on the entire planet," according to co-owner Steve DeAngelo.
The doc makes a few detours - from the Emerald Cup in Mendocino County; to the Marijuana Conference in New York, where movers and shakers in the burgeoning pot industry convene; to GW Pharmaceuticals, maker of the Sativex medical cannabis spray, in England - but ultimately returns to Oakland, where the city's plan to open four industrial cultivation sites is derailed by the local U.S. Attorney.

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