The Bristles discography

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No Future in the Past (2008)
Union Bashing State EP (2009)
Reflections of the Bourgeois Society (2010)
The Bristles spelar Ebba single (2011)

The Bristles is a punk band from Landskrona, a small town in the south of Sweden. The Bristles was formed in 1982. The original line-up was Svegis–guitar, Lankan-drums, Rotcher- bass, Nelle-guitar, and Viking-vocal. Nelle left the band after just a couple of months. Shortly after Ingemar replaced Rotcher on bass. In the beginning of 83 the Don’t Give Up EP was released. In the spring of 83 the Ban the Punkshops tape was released. Viking left the band to be replaced by Puma. The band recorded some new and some old songs with Puma on vocals to be released as a new version of Ban the Punk Shops tape. In 1984 the band split up just to reform with Groll on drums. In the autumn the Boys will be Boys EP was released. In 1985 the band split up again. During this period the band made around 50 gigs in Sweden. In 1996 the band made a reunion gig with Malwin on drums. In 2008 the band reformed with Harri on drums. In the beginning of 2009 the Union Bashing State EP was released. Then Harri left the band and was replaced by Ray. In 2009 the band played gigs in Sweden, Germany, Belgium and Norway. In the spring of 2010 the full length album Reflections of the Bourgeois Society was released. In the beginning of 2011 The Bristles plays Ebba was released both on vinyl and as a digi single. During this period the band has played around 50 gigs. Line-up: Svegis-guitar, Puma-voice, Ingemar-bass, Ray-drums.