Image Hack/Slash 01-17

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Uploaded:Jul 9th, 2012
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Image Comics Hack/Slash ongoing series. This set contains issues 01 - 17. These versions were optimized for tablet and netbook reading, though they look just fine on a regular monitor.

None of these books were scanned nor edited by me, I simply bundled the issues here in one set for the folks who are having a hard time picking them off piecemeal.

All credit is by the respective talent who scanned and edited them.. thanks folks!


p.s. working on the first series of Hack/Slash by Devils Due and some various one shots and mini series as time permits.


My son has a god take on the like it buy it and I'm adding it here... If you like it buy it. Support the creators by buying new and support the stores by buying some back issues along with the new. That was we ALL win!

SnakePlysskenJul 13th, 2012