Bandicam 1.8.5 + keymaker

Uploaded:Jan 1st, 2013
Info Hash:bf2da02a7315f0b76810a698179ba2b3a9938660
This is a clean keymaker for the last version of Bandicam.
This keymaker belongs to other ****** ****** that posted it previously. It worked but had also a present (trojan).
This is the part that work, so it's clean:
5/46 but it's clean


THanks for your work >> but ,, Could you please tell us how did you make it clean ,????

Ahed91Jan 1st, 2013

Thank you, worked really good +1

BlanalleJan 1st, 2013

When I realized the file was infected, I looked for what it made. The first thing it did was unzip to a temporary folder two EXE, one is the one you have in this torrent and the other copy Chrome passwords to a file and sent to a ftp on it altervista org

v1415Jan 1st, 2013

Thanks .... ----}} This tip will help me a lot .

Ahed91Jan 5th, 2013

Houston we have a problem I registered bandicam using the keymaker but then i went to use the program days later and its no longer registered

ratedloudJan 8th, 2013

Houston solution: use keymaker again and use windows firewall or hosts file to prevent connections to bandicam dot com

v1415Jan 26th, 2013

Im having a problem!! i registered bandicam after installation but when i go to use it, it says its unregistered. What do i do?

LeBitchOfDeathJan 26th, 2013

Thanks for the solution. Ill try it and report back to tell if it worked. To anyone else having this problem, basically all you have to do is block the internet from accessing bandicam. For example, i use AVG. So I would go to firewall settings and scroll down to bandicam and click block.

ratedloudJan 30th, 2013

@LeBitchOfDeath Try running the keygen as administrator

v1415Feb 8th, 2013

This one is clean. I downloaded (probably the one he mentioned in the comment) and spent the past day slowly and painstakingly getting rid of all the malware it gave me. Downloading this only has the setup and the keygen files. Thanks for the upload, you're awesome.

ItsukarineAug 12th, 2013

NOTE: The keymaker still works for Bandicam version 1.9, but you must re-apply the keymaker every once in a while. ALSO, for those of you who think that this doesn't work because you haven't tried running it as an Admin, you guys are idiots. Most keygens need to be run as Admin.

VoidsShadowAug 26th, 2013

I have a curious problem here,can anyone give me the answer?It downloaded and scanned clean.Bandicam installed with no problem but here it is -when I click on the keymaker it disappears without a trace.Not deleted by Avast and not in the bin,just gone!So what's up with that,can anyone clue me in on what's going on?

DarkRedoSinMar 26th, 2014