Proteus 8.0 Professional SP1 (Build 15611) + Crack

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
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Labcenter Electronics Proteus 8.0 Professional SP1 (Build 15611) + Crack


When I try to run it it gives an internal exception: access violation in module lxlcore.dll

beshonewApr 28th, 2013

The application showing Proteus 8.0 SP0 Build 15417. Program crashes during every run after two or three minutes.

at.sklMay 11th, 2013

Is there any good version out there? Or at least some patch for this version?

at.sklMay 11th, 2013

This one works like a charm. For anyone having problems installing this torrent, I suggest you READ that "ReadMe.txt" file. 1. Install any pre-requisite software needed before installing proteus 8. (VS 2005-2012, both x86 & x64 if you're using win x64). 2. Copy files from crack folder into destination folder. 3. Hit that SP1 update file. Done!

Shadow_NexusMay 11th, 2013

I tried with every possibility. It crashes even if you do nothing and just run a simulation.

at.sklMay 13th, 2013

hi i can confirm that program crashes and closes unexpectedly.

kais17May 14th, 2013

Thank you! The instructions are missing a few lines though. To make it work, first I installed all that was requested, then I installed Proteus, then I copied the folders, then I installed the SP1 update. The non polarized capacitors still don't work though. I have to use the animated capacitor to have a working non polarized capacitor.

GuiRitterMay 30th, 2013

is it compatible with win 8..???

jimcanJun 15th, 2013

I cant print. It says "Printer not detected". Anyone solved this?

electrik0Aug 15th, 2013

Attention. I also had the problem that they had all the others: the program quits unexpectedly after a few minutes. The only way not to close the program is currently NOT install Service Pack 1. 1) Before installing the software check that you meet the requirements written in the Readme. 2) Install Proteus 8. 3) Insert the Crack as described in the file 4) STOP. You can use the software without any risk of a crash. Probably the problem is that you have to improve the crack version SP0 to make it compatible for SP1. Anyway, thank you so much for this wonderful software c0d3s5678. Draakhart

DraakhartOct 7th, 2013

Thanks for your effort uploading such a file. I guess the it is not fully patched since third party components makes the program exits after few minutes even with SP0.

VBCoderOct 9th, 2013