SexAndSubmission---SaS-30775 Krissy Lynn, Cassandra Nix and Tomm

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SexAndSubmission---SaS-30775 Krissy Lynn, Cassandra Nix and Tomm picture
Bonding in Nature: Step Mom and Daughter BDSM Camping Adventure

Jun 21, 2013 - Performers: Tommy Pistol , Krissy Lynn and Cassandra Nix

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Secrets are revealed, compromises made and what ensues is the most epic forest fuck fest you've ever seen. Talk about "bonding" with Nature! Tommy Pistol brought some rope to this party and it's not for rock climbing! First he ties Krissy Lynn and Cassandra Nix up double doggie style by the campfire and fucks them deep and hard under the moonlight. In the morning he takes the two naked and bound girls on a hike to the summit where they endure punishment beneath a blazing sun. Then Tommy takes them deep in the forest and fucks their asses while they are helplessly tied to trees. If you are looking for a long, hot, wet & wild summer camping adventure now is your chance!


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