Devil May Cry HD Collection [PS3] [PSN]

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Size:10.36 GB
Uploaded:Aug 13th, 2013
Info Hash:3911e7ca0301ee75c7782f045e212141f1b3eae4
Devil May Cry HD Collection [PS3] [PSN] picture
Devil May Cry HD Collection for ps3. This is the psn version containting DMC 1,
DMC 2, and DMC 3: Dante's Awakening - Special Edition.

EUR version, NPEB01188. But of course will work on any ps3, regardless of region.

All included will be the DMC HD collection pkg file, the exdata folder with the game's rap file, reActpsn 2.26, and instructions.

I can confirm this to work with Rebug 4.41 and 4.46.

To Install.

1. Install devil may cry and reactpsn.(Unless of course you already have reactpsn)

2. Place "exdata" folder on flash drive.

3. Put flash drive in the right usb port.

4. Create a user new user and name it "aa".

5. Run reactpsn and do not press any buttons.

6. Play the game!