Railworks 4 GEML London-Ipswich

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Uploaded:Aug 30th, 2013
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Railworks 4 GEML London-Ipswich picture
The hustle and bustle of the UK’s capital city and the sprawling countryside of Essex and East Anglia come together in one fantastic modern route for Train Simulator. 

Notable landmarks along the route include London Liverpool Street, Stratford, the Olympic Park, Ilford Carriage Sidings, Chelmsford, Colchester, Manningtree, Stoke Tunnel (the only railway tunnel on the Great Eastern Main Line) and Felixstowe Container Terminal and Docks, as well as the Braintree branch from Witham and the short branch line to Colchester Town.

There are eight scenarios for the route.

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A Team tpb_4_ever upload.


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Marcel567Aug 30th, 2013

hey guys i don't know this exactly but there appears to be a problem with the textures I am not sure BUT IN MY COMPUTER THE STATIONS AND FEW OTHER TEXTURES APPEARS TO BE MISSING SO would kindly request you to kindly on this and let me know whether there is problem with the package or with my TS

sagarmagnaniAug 30th, 2013

# kindly check on this matter and let us all know

sagarmagnaniAug 30th, 2013

@sagarmagnani, it sounds like you need to increase your scenery detail level.

tpb_4_everAug 31st, 2013

Thank you guys, I've spent hundreds (probably over a thousand by now) on TS12/TS13 and I reckon you've saved me hundreds by allowing me to try stuff to see if its worth buying. It's a pain in the arse having two installs, but it means my genuine copy remains "pure" and only has the best paid DLC. Cheers!

joescroteSep 2nd, 2013

man all the routes and assets which i download from here have missing files or i get something bad happened error. Any help is appreciated.

fsxfsxSep 20th, 2013

Well what do you aspect for free,if you want it all go and but it..;)

span1922Feb 9th, 2014

@tpb_4_ever When I load in there are no objects and the terrain is white with grey crosses. Could it be because I'm using ts 2014?

ruaraidheuJul 8th, 2014