Kiss and Tell - Shirley Temple (1945)

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Kiss and Tell (1945) Starring Shirley Temple
DVD Format - NTSC DVD5
Aspect Ration - Original 4:3
Sound - Original Mono
Source - DVD from 16mm film

Corliss Archer, 15, and Mildred Pringle, 17, are best friends, and get into some mischief together which causes their parents to start fighting over who is a bad influence on whom. Their fight also has an affect on Mildred and Lenny Archer, Corliss' brother, who elope one weekend when Lenny's home on leave from the Army. Fearing that the Pringles would want the marriage annulled, the couple decides not to tell anyone about it except Corliss. Then, when Mildred gets pregnant, Corliss goes with her to her doctor, and is seen leaving the office. Mrs. Pringle gets the wrong idea, and goes over to the Archers to tell them that Corliss is pregnant. It's not long before they think that Corliss' boyfriend Dexter is the father. Then, to buy them some time, Corliss tells her parents that she and Dexter are married, all the while trying to contact Mildred at every opportunity. Suddenly, Corliss' uncle, a navy chaplain, shows up and offers to give them a real home wedding right there!

Please seed this hard to find delightful film!