Black Street Hookers #97 - Ebony Porn XXX

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Black Street Hookers #97 - Ebony Porn XXX picture
Black Street Hookers #97 (2010)

Black Street Hookers welcomes the thick, ultra sexy Cherry Blossoms from North Carolina with love. She's new and she loves to get freaky! Then we have the newest XXX chick Marshae. She'll blow you away! Ass has got to be at least 20 somethin'! We have a flashback with the beautiful Chynna Storm's first scene! Then we have pretty Stacy Funx who loves to suck a dick! Plus the crazy Kaylyn Carter from ATL.

Scene 1. Stacey Fuxx, Mark Anthony
Scene 2. Ms. Cherry Blossoms, Flash Brown
Scene 3. Kaylyn Carter, Mark Anthony
Scene 4. Marshae, Lucas Stone

Length 2 hrs. 13 mins.
Rating XXX
Released Jun 07 2010
Production Year 2009
Studio Evasive Angles

Kaylyn Carter
Ms. Cherry Blossoms
Stacey Fuxx

Flash Brown (as Flash Murrow)
Lucas Stone (as Lucas)
Mark Anthony
TT Boy

Driving around Miami, Florida with camera-guy Jaevera, Mark Anthony (not credited) is on the hunt for “black street hookers”. It doesn’t take long before he happens upon Stacey Fuxx (she is credited as Stacy Fuxx in the description the back of the DVD) walking down of what looks to be some random suburban Miami neighbourhood. He pulls over and starts in with the by-the-numbers porno small talk. With very little coaxing, Stacey agrees to hop in his car. These two are professionals and after Stacey shows him her wares (ie her pussy) they work out the financial end of their business arrangement. She wants $300. “Them’s L.A. prices, we in Miami,” says a stunned Anthony. He caves in to her demands and soon the trio are making a beeline for the nearest hotel room in order to fulfill the other end of the business arrangement – the sex portion. Once there, Stacey slowly strips out of her purple dress (she chooses to keep her silver high heels on) and dances. Stacey is very cute, has a thick Amazonian body, nice, droopy tits, shoulder length black hair (or it could be a wig), big, juicy booty, tattoo on her right shoulder and another big one to the right of her navel, there’s also a navel piercing, Mark Anthony, a veteran director and stud for hundreds of Evasive Angles productions, is happy to dive in and lick Stacey’s twat. She returns the favour, sucking on his huge black schlong. They start off screwing in doggy, with Mark offering up his usual manly intensity. She hops on for some cowgirl and we’re treated to some delicious shots of her bouncing booty as she rides Anthony’s dick. She spins around for some reverse cowgirl, and while the view isn’t as pretty it’s still rather hot. They move into spoon and Anthony is forced to pull out and unload on Stacey’s ass after some rigirous screwing.

Flash Murrow (not credited but says his name) and Jaevera are driving around Las Vegas at night in a limo looking for a girl. Flash is new to the game and claims he’s from LA. Jaevera coaches him in the ins and outs of picking up hookers. They eventually find the beautiful Ms. Cherry Blossoms hanging out at the airport. She agrees to hop in their car with next to no coaxing. Flash is afraid that she might be the police but she insists she isn’t and goes about showing them her tits and ass. Cherry hails from North Carolina, is short and chunky, is very pretty, has long black hair, a tattoo on her left breast, a cherry on her right butt cheek and another design a little higher up her back on her right shoulder blade and another on her left shoulder blade. Her right upper arm and right upper thigh also have tattoos on them, and a smaller one on her left upper thigh. She also has text on her right lower leg. She also has a chin pin and another piercing above her right eyebrow. “Damn, this dick big!” Cherry says, upon glimpsing Flash’s monster black dick. Flash is muscular and handsome, has a shaved head, numerous tattoo’s including one to the right of his dick, one on his right hand, one on both upper arms, on his left and right forearm and it looks like his upper chest might be tattooed as well. He also has what appears to be a huge Obama head covering his left side. After sucking him off, Cherry (with her black high heels on) hops on for some slow and passionate grinding cowgirl sex and then mish. Cherry seems to be in absolute heaven fucking this slab of gangster meat. She does some more grinding in reverse cowgirl. “Tear that shit up,” Cherry says breathlessly. “Damn this dick feel good,” Cherry says as she slow grinds herself on it. They finish with doggy-style with Cherry begging him to “Feel that nut! Feel that nut!” He does, and so does she, all over her backside.

Back in Florida Mark Anthony has hit out once again prowling for love in Miami’s backstreets. It’s almost 2:30 am before he finds something worthwhile. After spotting a tall hottie in pink leg warmers, he becomes paranoid; “Is that a girl or a tranny? Don’t wanna be fucking around with no trannies,” Anthony says to Jaevera. As it turns out, the girl is actually a girl. And what a girl she is! Her name is Kaylyn Carter and she easily ranks as the sexiest girl of this video. After agreeing to hop into Anthony’s car, Kaylyn ends up doing some impromptu maintenance on Mark’s broken seat. Yup, she’s a keeper. Kaylyn’s a sweetie, for sure, but she wants $400 for her services. Anthony offers her $100 dollars for five minutes and she agrees. Back at their hotel room, Kaylyn strips down. Ms. Carter is 20, absolutely beautiful, with long frizzy brown/black hair, small, real tits, a gorgeous toned body, a tramp stamp and a navel piercing. She also very flexible, confirming my suspicions that she was a dancer. She wearing pink leg warmers, probably to cover some bruises. After Anthony lathers her up with his tongue, she nervously agrees to suck his cock. This is apparently her first film, and it’s obvious she hasn’t got everything down yet. She even seems to fidget at first, which I adored. Once they get to the sex (doggy-style) Kaylyn reacts like a first-timer. “That is sooo good,” she whispers to Anthony, who is in total animal mode, even offering her a reach around. Anthony gets a little carried away and has to pull out. He laughs a bit before switching positions (cowgir). They are fucking in a bed (a first for this film) and it’s a squeaky one. “Fuck me,” Kaylyn growls, as she hammers her pussy down onto his cock. They do some reverse cowgirl and spoon. “I just had my nails done,” Kaylyn giggles, after wrenching her foot out from under Anthony. After a round of screwing Anthony dribbles a load across Kaylyn’s tits. She licks the head of his dick, but looks disgusted. “That was good,” Anthony says, falling back into a heap across the bed.

Although not credited on-screen, Lucas (he says his name) is a local who wants in on the action. So he and Jaever cruise East Miami, Florida at night looking for hookers to film. Lucas is in all of his glory here and even gives a shout out to T.T. Boy for letting him cruise on their dollar. It doesn’t take long for the pair to find a girl, hobbling along a side street. Her name is Marshae and she’s all-kinds of girl. She agrees to hop in but only after Lucas proves he’s not a cop. Lucas likes her big booty and is quick getting her back to his pad, regardless of the cost. Marshae is easily 250 pounds, has one of the biggest booties I’ve seen in awhile. Once she gets it bouncing, Lucas can’t resist diving in and licking. She hails from Maryland, is cute, has long frizzy black hair, some noticeable facial acne, a tattoo on her left breast and another (bull with horns) on her right butt cheek, big droopy tits. Lucas is bald, has a tribal band around his right bicep and another design on his left bicep. He has a design to the right of his dick, but is unfinished. After sucking on Lucas’ dick, they move into cowgirl. Marshae uses her dress to hide her stomach, wrapping it around her mid-section. In reverse cowgirl, Marshae appears to cum for real, even thanking Lucas a couple of times. They do doggy and then side-saddle. He doesn’t last long in that position and pulls out to launch a good load across her pussy and left ass cheek. Afterwards she reminds them about getting paid.